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The creative process is always interesting and varied in the context of various collaborations. Since the world of sound and music plays a decisive role for Anastasiia Kruglova, it is not surprising that one of the first joint works was a collaboration with a young and fresh-sounding artist from Russia, Charly Pie.

CHARLY PIE music project

Charly Pie - is upcoming music project starting this spring.

Romantic catchy debute single in combination with cute funny music video characters will definatly capture hearts all over the world very soon.

Luis Felipe Muñoz, Director de contenido Aire Alternativo, comments its debute single “so close” A very catchy song. The harmony and vocal performance are very relaxing and the musical accompaniment gives a danceable atmosphere without departing from the harmonic delicacy.”


Hedone Blanche luxury brand

The Hedone Blanche project invited Anastasiia Kruglova as a designer for embroidery, which in the future will be part of the accessories design project. The project is under development.

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